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The US leadership team of Loomis consists of seasoned professionals. The team is comprised of President Lars Blecko along with senior executives residing in the Houston US corporate office.

Lars Blecko
President and CEO

Lars Blecko As President and CEO of the worldwide Loomis AB from 2008 to 2013, Lars led the effort to define the vision of Loomis as the undisputed specialist of managing cash in society, and to apply the business concept of creating the most efficient flow of cash in society. The Loomis vision and business concept established the company’s foundation for providing comprehensive solutions for our customers, building presence in the marketplace, and achieving operational excellence in our branches.

During Lars’ tenure, he was responsible for the Loomis IPO on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm MidCap list, which occurred in December 2008. He guided the company to sustainable profitability and growth, with multiple acquisitions that increased Loomis’ international presence into Eastern Europe and Latin America. By 2013, Loomis’ presence expanded from 11 countries to 16 countries, and add-on acquisitions considerably increased the size and scope of regional operations. Loomis now holds the number one or number two positions in most of the countries in which it operates.

Lars’ commitment to a clear corporate culture is reflected in the Loomis Values of People, Service, and Integrity that are used in each country that Loomis operates in, and the Loomis Code of Conduct, which sets the goals for attracting the best employees, environmental impact considerations, and high ethical integrity.

In assuming the position of President and CEO of Loomis US, Lars has brought a sharp focus on enhanced products and services for our financial and retail/commercial customers. A commitment to the continuous improvement of the quality of our customer service is also a high priority.

"I’ve had the honor of working with the Loomis US team since 2008, first as Loomis AB President and CEO, and now as the Loomis US President and CEO. I’ve always been impressed with their commitment to customer service, their dedication to exceeding customer expectations, and their diligence in finding the best customer solutions. As our team works together to build the best cash handling company in the US, we are committed to proving our company’s brand promise that Loomis is the specialist at creating efficient cash flow."

Chuck O’Brien
Chief Operating Officer

Chuck O'Brien Chuck has 20 years of experience with operations, logistics, and supply chain management, with 15 of those years encompassing cash handling at Loomis. In 1995, he joined USA Waste/Waste Management, where he served as a regional District Manager. He began at Loomis in 1999 as the Houston Branch General Manager, and in 2000 he was recognized as General Manager of the Year, a year in which his branch was also recognized for achieving the most improved operating results in the US. In 2001, Chuck became Area Manager for the Texas branches north of Austin, where he deepened his knowledge of Loomis US operations. In 2009, Chuck became District Vice President over the Loomis Branches in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas, where his district’s operating margins were the highest in the US for three consecutive years.

In January 2012, Chuck was appointed Loomis US Chief Operating Officer, with responsibility for Loomis US operations, which includes the IT area. In this position, Chuck has clearly defined the major components of the Supply Chain Strategy of Quality, Efficiency, and Product Development throughout the US.

"Since joining Loomis back in 1999, I have been proud to work alongside the many fine Teammates that make up this organization, from the branch level to the corporate level. It's an honor to be part of this organization, and a privilege to work alongside our outstanding management team."

Marcus Hagegård
Chief Financial Officer

Marcus HagegardMarcus has more than 15 years of experience from finance and management positions both in the United States and in Europe. He started his career in public accounting with Ernst & Young and continued into Mergers & Acquisitions advisory work. After having worked for Ernst & Young in both New York and Stockholm, Marcus transitioned into a financial management position at Loomis AB, parent company of Loomis US. At Loomis AB, Marcus played a key role in preparing the company for a public listing. Shortly after the listing he was promoted to Vice President of Finance with responsibility for all of the Group’s financial matters.

In 2012, Marcus was appointed as Chief Financial Officer for Loomis US and relocated to Loomis’ Houston office.

"Working with all the great people at Loomis I never cease to be amazed by what we accomplish every day and I am very proud to be a part of this team."

Pat Otero
Senior Vice President Administration

Pat OteroPat has over 20 years of experience in the cash handling industry focused primarily on the financial portions of the company. He started in 1991 with Wells Fargo Armored as a financial analyst. Since then he has progressively advanced through several financial leadership positions within the organization. As the company has evolved into today’s Loomis, Pat has served in several financial leadership positions including the US Chief Financial officer position for five years where his field level experience coupled with his finance background assisted with the organizational restructuring of the US administrative organization.

During Pat’s career, he has played a key role in the development of the company’s financial systems and controls, automating processes for greater efficiency and reliability. In 2012, Pat was named to the Senior Vice President – Administration position, where his background in process management and KPI development will be used to create value in the HR, Procurement, Fleet, and Real Estate functions.

"We have an outstanding team and I am proud to be able to work with each and every one of them in helping make Loomis the industry leader."

Danny Pack
Senior Vice President Risk Management

Danny PackDanny is a veteran risk management professional with over 25 years experience in the field.  He joined Loomis in 1997 as Vice President Safety. Almost immediately, he faced the daunting challenge to integrate disparate risk cultures and practices in the newly created Loomis, Fargo & Co., comprised of the former Wells Fargo Armored and Loomis Armored. He played a central role in achieving dramatic reductions in cost of risk, which became a hallmark of the company’s success over the following years.

Since that time, Danny has taken on increasingly broad risk management responsibilities serving as Director of Loss Prevention before earning promotion to his current position as Senior Vice President Risk Management. In this role, Danny is responsible for safety, security, insurance procurement, regulatory compliance, contracts, and their respective governance. This is in addition to his near fanatical dedication to promoting the Loomis risk management culture. In recent years, he has effectively navigated an intensely more complex risk environment including global risk exposures, electronic theft, and a constantly changing risk landscape.

"Nothing is more important than our employees 'Going Home' safely daily and knowing our customers’ cargo remains secure. We can only achieve this objective by striving to ensure that every day is a perfect day".

McKay Barnes
Executive Vice President – Sales and Marketing

McKay BarnesMcKay has over 20 years of experience with operations, security, sales, and marketing. He started his career with Loomis in 1998 in the Las Vegas Branch. From 2005 through 2014 he held several positions throughout the Midwest to include General Manager, District Manager, and District Vice President. McKay played a key role in turning around struggling markets by standardizing processes, implementing best practices, and developing high performance leaders.

In 2015, McKay was appointed as Executive Vice President – Sales and Marketing for Loomis U.S. with responsibility for new and existing business development to include strategic products such as CMS and SafePoint.

"Our greatest advantage is our Teammates. The Loomis team is second to none and continuously strive for excellence. I am honored to be a part of this team".


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