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Our History

Over the last 160 years, Loomis has evolved into an international industry leader with a large network covering the United States and Europe. Explore the timeline below to learn how Loomis has shaped the cash management industry since the late 1800s.



Lee Loomis, founder of modern-day Loomis U.S., sets out for the Alaska Gold Rush and starts a company specializing in the delivery of supplies and safe travel for miners, along with protecting mined gold via armed dogsleds. It was also during this time that Lee set out to improve methods of secure transport, which would later serve as the foundation to Loomis Armored Car Service.



The Loomis Armored Car Service forms and is the first cash transportation service in the Western U.S. to use armored vehicles. For many more years, the company continues to expand throughout the Western U.S. and Canada.



The Loomis Corporation is acquired by Mayne Nickless, resulting in the Loomis family relinquishing control after nearly half a century of managing the company.



After many years of acquisitions, mergers, and takeovers, Loomis acquires Wells Fargo Armored, a company twice its size. Adopting the name Loomis, Fargo & Co., this merger results in the creation of a robust, nationwide network.



Loomis, Fargo & Co., the current industry leader in the U.S., is acquired by the Sweden-based security company Securitas and is integrated into the Securitas Cash Handling Services division.



To fanfare, Loomis is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm on December 9.



Loomis acquires Pendum, the group’s largest acquisition to date, and becomes the U.S. market leader in ATM services, including overseeing the replenishment and management of around 43,000 ATMs across the U.S.



Loomis acquires VIA MAT Holding AG and expands its services by launching the new division International Services. This acquisition quickly elevates Loomis to market leader in cash-handling within the Swiss market.



In a historic move, Loomis acquires the Global Logistics operations from Dunbar Armored, Inc., enabling Loomis to expand its services by adding domestic and overnight services to the existing international service line of business.



Currently, Loomis offers secure and comprehensive solutions for the distribution, handling, storage, and recycling of cash and other valuables for banks, retailers, and more. With revenue of SEK 16 billion in 2015 alone, Loomis operates through 400+ branches worldwide and employs around 22,000 people.