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Cutting-edge solutions

At Loomis, we harness the power of technology to drive business forward. Our dedicated in-house team builds innovative solutions that are proven to streamline operations, reduce risk, and pave the way for the needs of tomorrow.


The culmination of years of in-house development, this cutting-edge platform and its core infrastructure serve as the backbone for SafePoint® by Loomis.

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Loomis Direct

Revolutionize your cash insights with Loomis Direct. This industry-leading reporting platform gives you real-time visibility—and more control—of your cash, from pickup to deposit.

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Industry-leading Loomis innovations.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Any loss or interruption of service could significantly impact a customer. Loomis' BCP has key protocols in place to help customers prepare for such disruptions and facilitate a quick recovery. To ensure communication, customers may access the online BCP platform to sign up for alerts via SMS text messaging, cell phone, or email.

Data Security

We take data security as seriously as the security of your cash, coin, and other valuables. At Loomis, we employ a Tier IV Data Center and a Tier IV Back-Up Data Center, where we conduct yearly failover and breach testing to ensure the tightest data security possible.


Loomis makes outdated, manual coin handling a thing of the past with MYNT. This state-of-the-art solution uses high-tech robotics and automation to accelerate and simplify coin processing, wrapping, inventory, balancing, and reporting.

Security Systems

From the latest monitoring systems and security protocols to our industry-leading Total Protection System, Loomis offers a complete suite of safety and security measures—and decades of unrivaled expertise—so that customers are always protected at the highest level.

Smart Drive

All Loomis vehicles are equipped with SmartDrive technology, which captures en-route audio and video information, along with the vehicle's speed, acceleration, and specific events. These insights allow us to continue training and developing our drivers, while improving the safety and security of customers and the general public

Track and Trace

Proprietary Track and Trace software improves data integrity and package security of our consignment processes, safeguarding our customers' assets at every point.

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