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Loomis Direct Integrated Solutions

At the heart of the Loomis IT system is Loomis Direct, a fully integrated customer portal designed to manage and streamline cash-handling data.

Loomis Direct is your single access point to real-time cash management data and robust reporting tools, providing businesses like yours a whole new perspective on everyday cash management and reporting. Built to make cash management as quick and convenient as possible, Loomis Direct provides a complete view of your cash in seconds—in the office or on the go—giving you the flexibility to access accounts anywhere via desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Loomis Direct Allows You To:

Automated Deposits
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Automate Deposits

From counting to note validation, automated deposits save time and resources—not to mention reduce significant security risks to you, your employees, and your customers. Best of all, automated deposits happen on-site and at your convenience.

Detailed Reporting
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Access Detailed Reports

Loomis Direct precisely tracks and counts all cash activity with cashier-level reporting, providing detailed reports at each step of your cash flow. Along with cash activity, SafePoint® users can also track expedited credit in real-time.

Custom Dashboard
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Customize Your Dashboard

Loomis Direct brings you an enhanced customer experience with a single point of entry for all of your data needs, from our comprehensive cash management services to our end-to-end SafePoint solution. Customers who use elements of our Loomis Direct system, including the ICO (Internet change order) or SafePoint, can access their accounts through Loomis Direct.

Industry-Leading Loomis Technology


Make sorting, inventory, balancing, and reporting simple with MYNT—Loomis’ industry-leading, state-of-the-art robotic coin-rolling and palletizing solution.

Security Systems

From the latest monitoring systems and security protocols to our industry-leading Total Protection System—a complete security protocol delivering Four Layers of Protection—you can rely on Loomis to deliver safety and security at the very highest levels.

Smart Drive

Loomis vehicles equipped with SmartDrive technology capture en-route audio and video information along with the vehicle’s speed, acceleration, and location to help record accidents and avoid potential security threats.

Data Security

We take data security as seriously as the security of your cash, coin, and other valuables. At Loomis, we employ a Tier IV Data Center and a Tier IV Back-Up Data Center, where we conduct yearly failover and breach testing to ensure the tightest data security possible.

Loomis Technology Benefits Loomis Technology Benefits