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SafePoint® Titan Available Exclusively through Loomis

With SafePoint®, you can focus on managing your business instead of managing cash. As partners with Loomis, Popeyes franchises can enjoy the industry-leading benefits of the SafePoint Titan solution. Our integrated smart safe and cash management services provide you with reduced cash shortages, improved security, and increased profits.


The SafePoint Solution Delivers

Reduced or eliminated cash shortages

SafePoint closes the gaps where cash disappears and drives employee accountability throughout your operation.

Improved security for you and your employees

SafePoint eliminates the risks associated with making your own bank deposits, such as robbery and serious injury, and also minimizes the risk of having large amounts of cash on-site.

Increased profitability

The reduction of cash shortages and the reduction in time spent handling cash frees up valuable time that can be focused on growing your business.

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More SafePoint® Titan Benefits

Custom designed by Loomis, the undisputed specialists of efficient cash flow, SafePoint Titan dramatically simplifies safe management and streamlines your cash handling process with reduced cash shortages, improved security, and increased profits.

  • A fully scalable cash management system tailored to your cash handling requirements
  • 100% remote capabilities for software and configuration updates
  • Onscreen diagnostics and tutorials
  • Daily credit of deposit funds by your bank of choice
  • Install wizard for easy plug-and-play setup
  • Single note and bulk note validator options

Learn more about SafePoint.

Loomis SafePoint

Loomis Direct Integrated Solutions

Loomis Direct provides you with a single point of access to manage and streamline all your cash-handling data. Our fully integrated customer portal is designed to give you industry-leading real-time cash management and comprehensive reporting tools. And you can access your accounts from virtually anywhere via your desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Learn more about Loomis Direct.

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