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No Increased Risk of COVID-19 From the Use of Cash

Mar 17, 2020

The World Health Organization (WHO) has denied that cash and, specifically, banknotes transmit the coronavirus. Also the European Central Bank (ECB) rules out that the new coronavirus, COVID-19, spreads through banknotes.

The Eurosystem conducts regular research into the possible impact that the circulation of euro banknotes can have on public health, including in relation to viruses. "At the moment there is no evidence that the coronavirus has spread through euro banknotes," says a notice from the issuing institute. In fact, the ECB stresses that the risk of transmitting the virus through a banknote is "very low" compared to other surfaces such as door handles, railings, light switches, or shopping baskets.

There have been some articles in the British media stating that WHO has said that banknotes could transmit COVID-19 and that they warned against using cash. This information was misrepresented and false. Read more here: World Health Organization: ‘We did NOT say that cash was transmitting coronavirus

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Cash is not dangerous. The Danish National Bank refers to the Danish National Board of Health, stating there is no increased risk of corona infection associated with paying with cash.

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