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As one of the world’s leading cash handling companies, we are committed to long-term responsible behavior. Out of dedication to this responsibility we have renewed our focus on sustainability in several key areas. For the years 2018 to 2021, Loomis has set key sustainability targets that focus on safety, the environment, and our people.

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Our role in improving sustainability depends on:

  • Strong mutual trust between Loomis, our customers, and the community
  • A continued dedication to being responsible for our employees, the environment, and risk and safety procedures

Six focus areas have been identified as external targets integrated into the Group’s 2018–2021 strategy period:

  1. Be a fair and equal opportunity employer
  2. Zero workplace injuries
  3. Reduction in carbon emissions
  4. Reduction in plastic volumes
  5. Be a local player
  6. Zero tolerance for unethical behavior

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