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Titan RF

The Titan RF is Loomis’s newest and largest cash recycling offering. It is specifically designed to cater to multi-register businesses with heavy cash volume, high deposit volume, and a large number of cash transactions. As a comprehensive solution with multiple configurations options available, it allows businesses to streamline operations and optimize efficiency while quickly maximizing return on investment (ROI).

The Titan RF note & coin or note-only configurations are the ideal choice for big box retailers, grocery stores, hotels & resorts, entertainment venues, and other large-scale operations that handle a substantial number of tills and deal with significant cash volumes.

Titan RF with coin Recycler Titan RF with coin recycler from the front Titan RF Recycler at a 45 degree angle

Configuration Options

Titan RF (Note Only)

Image of the Titan RF (Note Only) Recycler from the front

Lockable large-capacity deposit cassette accepting up to 7,200 notes


Titan RF

Image of the Titan RF Recycler from the front

Coin discrimination (i.e. Counterfeit coin rejection)

Coin cup LEDs (notification if change is left in cups)

Hardware Overview

  • Closed loop architecture of notes and coins; no manual intervention required
  • Continuous 24/7 monitoring
  • Audit cassette allowing automatic internal validation of any recycling cassette
  • Lockable large-capacity deposit cassette accepting up to 7,200 notes
  • “Fitness sort” on recycled notes
  • Two roll storages with capacity up to 250 notes each to hold escrow and rejected notes, respectively
  • Pocket note acceptor handles large bundles of notes (up to 250 notes)
  • Flexible note orientation (no need to separate or face notes)
  • Scalable – cluster format – up to two (2) note recyclers in dual configurations
  • Coin discrimination (i.e. Counterfeit coin rejection)
  • Dispenses coins directly into till tray –Titan RF series
  • Dispenses coins directly into till drawer – Titan RF series
  • Coin cup LEDs (notification if change is left in cups)
  • Integrated printer
  • Optional integrated biometrics (fingerprint reader)
  • Optional integrated barcode scanner for till check in/out
  • Optional integrated drop/storage vault
  • Uninterruptible power supply

Software Overview

  • PCI compliant 
  • Remote monitoring solutions for tech support
  • Real time cash/coin level monitoring
  • Standard or custom reporting
  • Lane and/or clerk accountability
  • Tills and drop bags automatically traced to a specific user by utilizing bar-coding
  • Multiple tills per register/lane
  • Configurable user permission levels for machine access
  • Multiple user authentication schemes (card and pin, login and pin, or biometrics)
  • Automatic prompting of periodic password changes
  • Customized programming of ID cards
  • Track monies outside of unit with external vault fund function
  • Guided deposit preparation: automatically calculates and moves deposit to courier cassette
  • Automatic end of day reporting
  • Courier specific log-in menu
  • Video troubleshooting tips and guidance for system operation

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