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Loomis Franchise Program

Under the Loomis Franchise Program, technology and security measures combine to simplify how franchisees handle cash. Franchise programs are established with franchisors, franchisee associations, purchasing organizations, and co-ops, and are made available to all of a brand’s franchisees or members.

Program benefits at a glance:

  • Collective buying power
  • Standardized agreements
  • Consistent pricing
  • Personalized support

Bring Value to Your Franchise Network

What makes a Loomis Franchise Program unique is that there’s no hassle in negotiating agreements for individual franchisees. All members receive the same standardized agreements, ensuring fairness and simplicity.

Franchise Program members also receive personalized support from our team of experts who understand the unique needs of franchise businesses. From implementation to ongoing support, we're here to help every step of the way.

Once you’re in our program, we use SafePoint to streamline cash management processes and eliminate time-consuming tasks such as manual cash counting and bank reconciliations. Our automated solutions free up time so operators and employees can focus on growing the business.

What Is SafePoint?

SafePoint is a comprehensive cash management solution that eliminates bank fees and the need for employee bank trips. It allows you to outsource all your cash handling needs to Loomis. We pick up and deposit your store’s cash, and you receive overnight credit to your bank account via our smart safe solution. Access your deposit information and cash-related data through our Loomis Direct portal anytime, anywhere. Learn more about SafePoint here.

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