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SafePoint Titan® smart safe technology

SafePoint Titan technology combines the latest in secure hardware with Loomis’ advanced proprietary software to streamline cash-handling processes, improve accuracy, minimize downtime, and keep customers, employees, and funds secure.

SafePoint Titan smart safe

SafePoint Titan

Loomis' flagship smart safe model, SafePoint Titan is the most innovative solution on the market, featuring a flexible system design, intuitive user interface, remote support capabilities, and more.

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SafePoint Titan C smart safe

SafePoint Titan C

SafePoint Titan C is designed to deliver secure, reliable, auditable cash management for businesses with low to moderate cash volume—and at a lower price point.

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Titan R

SafePoint Titan R®

Titan R utilizes the latest cash recycling technology combined with Loomis’ industry-leading support to create a premier cash-handling solution.

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SafePoint Titan SafePoint Titan C SafePoint Titan R SafePoint Titan RX
Cash storage needs
Medium cash volume, $2,000 to $10,000/day Low cash volume, under $2,000/day Flexible cash volume, $3,000 and more/day Flexible cash volume, $8,000 and more/day
Note capacity (per cassette)
1,200 notes / 2,250 notes (XL cassette) 1,200 notes 4,940 to 5,820 (XL cassette) 2,700 to 27,000 (XL cassette)
Coin Capacity
Yes No Up to 10,100 Up to 64,500
Expansion peripherals available
Yes No No Yes
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Augment the capabilities of SafePoint Titan with SafePoint Titan X Expansion Peripherals.

These state-of-the-art expansion modules are designed to enhance SafePoint Titan smart safes and are built for unmatched flexibility, ease of deployment, and simplified upgrading. Titan X expansion capabilities include note and coin dispensing and custom scaling of note deposits and validation.

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SafePoint Titan X safe shown with expansion peripherals

Expand Deposit and Recycling Capabilities With High-Capacity Titan RX® Solutions.

Titan RX is designed for medium to large businesses utilizing ten or more registers. Customize your Titan RX solution to your business needs with technology that can deposit, store, and dispense more notes and coin without sacrificing accurate reporting or monitoring, including note-only configurations and direct integration into POS systems.

Explore Titan RX
SafePoint Titan RX high-capacity smart safe