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ATM Services

As the nation’s leading ATM service provider, we take pride in maintaining more than 85,000 ATMs throughout the United States.

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Cash Replenishment and Settlement

After each replenishment, Loomis balances your machines and communicates that information directly to you. Loomis also offers cash forecasting and management services to help reduce inventory while minimizing the risk of cash outages, along with emergency replenishment services for added peace-of-mind.

Deposit Pickup and Processing

Serving the needs of an ATM network requires a balance of transportation and processing expertise. We do this by taking the broader processing cycle into consideration, allowing us to provide timelier, faster, and more accurate methods of processing deposits—driving down your per-transaction cost every step of the way.

Maintenance and Security

We partner with leading ATM technical service providers to offer comprehensive FLM and SLM solutions, including electronic lock features on all of the ATMs we service. It’s why you can count on us not only to keep your ATMs running optimally, but also to provide timely and accurate data.

How It Works

Our responsive national service network covers all of your ATM service needs through a comprehensive solution of replenishment, settlement, pickup, processing, maintenance, and security—across banking and financial institutions, retail and commercial businesses, and Independent Service Operators (ISOs).

Cash Forecasting

Loomis' cash forecasting solutions turn your financial institution's data into optimized ATM cash flow.

Key Features and Benefits

Unmatched performance and service
Loomis’ full suite of forecasting services includes detailed analysis, monitoring, scheduling, and loading.

Cash flow optimization
Our expert analysts track potential outages and forecast future needs, ensuring ATMs are always loaded with the optimum amounts.

Improved operational efficiency
Optimized ATM forecasting reduces stakeholder intervention and streamlines processes, saving financial institutions time and money.

Flexible, scalable implementation
Loomis’ cash forecasting services are perfect for any size financial institution and can be used in conjunction with preexisting third-party ATM or cash-in-transit service providers.

Loomis Cash Forecasting process flow

Cash Forecasting Process Flow

1FI transmits transaction data to Loomis via secure file transport protocol

2Loomis updates web-based currency forecasting solution with FI data

3Solution automatically generates forecasts

4Loomis branch reviews and approves recommended loads

5Order file is uploaded; information now visible via Loomis Direct portal

6Loomis packs load

7Load delivered via secure armored cash-in-transit vehicle and transferred


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ATM Services is part of a complete secure cash ecosystem

We offer several complementary services that work together to create a comprehensive secure cash management system. Learn more about the individual components of our integrated solutions below:

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