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SafePoint® is an integrated solution that takes the worry out of handling cash for your business by combining the best in hardware, software, service, and security.

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Secure Cash Handling

The SafePoint safe secures your cash, rejects counterfeits, counts deposits, and facilitates daily credit.

Automated Reporting

Your cash activity is precisely tracked, with detailed reports available at every step of the process.

A Closed-Loop System

With SafePoint every step is controlled, protected, and streamlined—eliminating the gaps where robbery, theft, or losses are most likely to occur.

No Upfront Costs

Our complete solution is configurable to your needs, and there are no upfront costs for hardware or software installation.

Our 100% Guarantee

Once your cash is validated in the SafePoint safe, it is under our protection and guaranteed against loss, robbery, and theft.

How It Works

SafePoint works by eliminating gaps in the cash-handling process. Once your cash is validated into the SafePoint safe, it is as good as money in the bank. Deposits are counted, logged, and secured until an armored carrier comes to collect them. And when coupled with Loomis Direct, our proprietary online account management solution, you can track and manage every step of the process safely and securely, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

SafePoint as Part of a Complete Secure Cash System

We offer several complementary services that work together to create a comprehensive secure cash management system. Learn more about the individual components of our integrated solutions below:


Cash in Transit

Cash Exchange

Cash Management

Loomis Direct