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Titan RX

Cash Recycling Solutions Designed for More

Made for cash-intensive operations, Titan RX recycler configurations give businesses the flexibility to securely handle robust cash-handling scenarios while maintaining efficient cash reconciliation, availability of funds, and accurate reporting, including optional biometric security options, 24/7 monitoring, and integrated printer.

Designed to support mid- to high-volume cash businesses, this end-to-end solution comes in multiple configurations, including recycling for notes and coin, a notes-only option, and high-capacity cassettes—all backed by Loomis’ industry-leading support. Titan RX includes:

Turnkey cash automation
Delivers efficient, automated cash recycling technology that can simplify cash-handling procedures and reduce operating costs for businesses operating ten or more registers.

Efficient cash reconciliation
State-of-the-art recycler technology and an intuitive user interface helps decrease cash shrinkage and makes manual cash touchpoints obsolete.

Tailored to achieve maximum ROI
Achieving true return on investment is within reach by using Loomis’ customizable SafePoint® cash management platform. Choose from multiple configuration options that meet the precise operational needs of your business model.

Best-in-class support
Open a direct line to Loomis expertise using the Loomis Direct customer reporting portal and other technology, each powered by the SafePoint cash management ecosystem.

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SafePoint Titan RX cash recycler for higher cash volume
SafePoint Titan RX cash recycler for higher cash volume

Titan RX (notes only)
Note capacity up to 13,500 and
3 to 4 recycle cassettes

SafePoint Titan RX for notes and coins

Titan RX
Handles up to 13,500 notes and 19,400 coins,
recycles up to 4 denominations

SafePoint Titan RX high-capacity cash recycler

Titan RX High Capacity
Optimized for large-scale volumes
up to 13,500 notes and 64,500 coins

SafePoint Titan RX dual (notes only)

Titan RX Dual (notes only)
Holds up to 27,000 notes, along with 8 recycle
cassettes and 2 deposit cassettes

Titan RX Dual High Capacity
The largest capacity Titan RX, with storage up to 27,000
notes and 64,500 coins, recycles up to 6 denominations of
notes, 4 denominations of coins

Hardware overview

  • Closed Loop Architecture of Notes and Coins; No Manual Intervention Required
  • Coin Discrimination (i.e., Counterfeit Coin Rejection)
  • Scalable—Up to Two (2) Note Recyclers
  • Lockable Deposit Cassette
  • “Fitness Sort” on Recycled Notes
  • Flexible Note Orientation (No Need to Separate or Face Notes)
  • Pocket Note Acceptor (Handles Large Bundles of Notes; Up to 200)
  • Integrated drop/storage Vault—Optional
  • Dispenses Coins Directly into Till Tray
  • Dispenses Coins Directly into Till Drawer
  • Optional Biometrics (Palm Scanner)
  • Cup LEDs (Notification if Change Is Left in Cups)
  • Scalable Platform Network and Cluster multiple devices
  • Continuous 24/7 Monitoring
  • Integrated Printer

Software overview

  • PCI Compliant
  • Axeda Remote Monitoring Solutions for Tech Support
  • Real Time Cash/Coin Level Monitoring
  • Scalable—Cluster Format
  • Reporting—Standard or Custom
  • Lane and/or Clerk Accountability
  • Tills and Drop Bags Automatically Traced to a Specific User by Utilizing Bar-Coding
  • Multiple Tills per Register/Lane
  • Configurable User Permission Levels for Machine Access
  • Multiple User Authentication Schemes (Card and PIN, Login and PIN, or Biometrics)
  • Automatic Prompting of Periodic Password Changes
  • Track Monies Outside of Unit with External Vault Fund Function
  • Guided Deposit Preparation: Automatically Calculates and Moves Deposit to Courier Cassette
  • Automatic End-of-Day Reporting
  • Courier-Specific Login Menu
  • Video Troubleshooting Tips
  • Video Guidance for System Operation

Upgrade Your Cash-Handling Operations.

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