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Kwikee Mart

In a 30-day implementation, SafePoint cuts convenience store chain’s deposit preparations by 50%.

Kwikee Mart is a small chain of convenience stores throughout California’s San Jose and Napa Valley. When Kwikee Mart Owner Satindar Dhillon started planning for store expansion, he knew they would need a more secure way for owners to transport money from the safe to the bank.

Kwikee Mart came to Loomis for our SafePoint® solution. Within a month, the solution was fully implemented into their northern California stores. Dhillon immediately saw an improvement: Managers once recounted money several times a day and made deposits about three times a week, but after implementing SafePoint, Kwikee Mart deposit preparations were cut by half. 

“For smaller retail chains, there are obviously fewer employees and a higher level of risk when it comes to securing money,” said Mark Smolinski, solution integration specialist for Loomis. “Therefore, it was important that we develop a system that would meet the specific cash management needs of Kwikee Mart’s store operations.”

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