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5 Things to Know About the Current Restaurant Security Landscape


The restaurant industry is experiencing explosive growth, with sales projected to surpass $1 trillion for the first time, as reported by the National Restaurant Association. However, alongside this boom comes a heightened focus on security. Diners are prioritizing safety more than ever when choosing a restaurant, making robust security measures a necessity. Read on to learn more about restaurant security in 2024 and what security experts are recommending.

Restaurant Security: 5 Key Takeaways

Here are 5 key things to know about the current state of restaurant security:

1. Customers Demand a Secure Dining Experience

The National Restaurant Association highlights a shift in customer expectations. Diners are no longer just looking for good food and service; safety is becoming a top priority. Restaurants need to adapt and implement strong security measures to stay competitive.

2. Employee Training Remains Important

Employee awareness remains a challenge as the restaurant workforce is expected to reach a record 15.7 million by year-end. To add to that, data collected over the past decade shows that the restaurant industry has a 79.6% turnover rate. With so many employees coming and going, proper training is more important than ever.

As John Toneatto, VP of Security/Investigations at Loomis, points out, accidental alarm triggers due to improper training or unclear communication protocols can be a significant issue. Additionally, law enforcement response times to alarms may be slower.

Solutions exist, however. Toneatto emphasizes the importance of proper employee training and suggests security providers implement features like "windows of operation" and "escalation lists" to address alarm issues. Furthermore, monitored security services can streamline communication with law enforcement, leading to faster response times.

3. Technology Takes Center Stage in Restaurant Security

Remote monitoring is a game-changer. Many security integrators now offer live CCTV access and smartphone/computer-controlled alarms, allowing for real-time monitoring and quicker intervention. This technology, according to Toneatto, enhances overall security for restaurants.

Restaurant operators are also advised to prioritize security by upgrading technology and physical features. Three key strategies include strategically placing cameras both inside and outside the store, controlling building access by limiting escape routes and using door detectors, and increasing visibility through parking lot lighting and layout modifications.

4. Customers Crave Visible Security Measures

Transparency is key for customers. As Lenny Evansek, SVP of National Retail Business Development at Loomis, explains, customers appreciate clear signage indicating CCTV coverage, creating a sense of security.

Evansek adds that other window sticker warnings like “Only our security provider can open our safe” acts as an increased deterrent from crime. Emphasizing secure cash handling procedures, like limited access to deposits, demonstrates a commitment to protecting assets.

5. Restaurants Partner with Security Experts

Security experts can provide invaluable support. Evansek compares choosing a security provider to selecting quality ingredients — "Like the quality of your food, you get what you pay for,” he said. “Good service providers back up the security they provide. You want to focus on your business. You are the experts at that.”

Partnering with a security company offers expertise in conducting risk assessments, creating customized security plans, and installing/maintaining security systems. This allows restaurant operators to focus on their core business while professionals handle security concerns, offering peace of mind.

How to Increase Restaurant Security

Even amongst rising expectations, it is possible for restaurants to create a secure environment that not only meets but exceeds customer expectations. When it comes to choosing a security provider, Loomis stands out as the best option for restaurants. With a focus on proper training, innovative technology solutions, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Loomis helps restaurants enhance their security measures. If security is a concern for your business, contact Loomis to get started.

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