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Learn about the latest industry news and topics and how Loomis innovations and services are driving businesses forward.

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Changing cash-handling vendors? Five steps to ensure a problem-free implementation

Our implementation experts take us through some of the crucial steps to keep in mind when going through this transition to ensure it’s seamless and as non-disruptive to your business as possible.

Cash Management, Retail, Cash Transportation, Financial, SafePoint, Technology
The new normal: How restaurant operators are adapting and reopening post-COVID-19

Many businesses have been greatly impacted by shutdowns in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants, while no exception to the recent decline in sales, have found ways to modify some aspects of their business in order to stay resilient.

Cash Management, SafePoint, Retail, QSR
Customer Spotlight: How Loomis smart safes help Sonic reduce theft and drive efficiency

Learn how a Loomis SafePoint® solution let Houston-area franchise locations deter break-ins, simplify cash handling, and gain insight into their operations.

Cash Management, SafePoint, Customer Spotlight, QSR
The hottest cash recycler technology is for grocers

Learn how cash recyclers are changing the game for grocery retailers when it comes to retail cash management, improving ROI and customer experience.

Technology, Cash Management, SafePoint, Retail
3 Cash Management Trends That Can Save Restaurants Money

These simple cash handling and management strategies are helping restaurants optimize operations, secure sensitive data, and lower their overall bottom line.

Technology, Cash Management, SafePoint
Customer Spotlight: How one QSR group applied smarter cash-handling

Testing smarter cash-handling solutions from Loomis saved this QSR operator money and gave it the confidence to make the leap to smart banking. 

Cash Management, Customer Spotlight, QSR, SafePoint
Is a cash recycler solution right for my business?

Cash recycler technology allows businesses to automate cash handling and improve accuracy and efficiency. Find out if a cash recycler is right for you. 

Cash Management, Retail, SafePoint, Technology
Customer Spotlight: BellStores partners with Loomis to protect its people and profits

C-stores are shifting to mixed-use concepts to maximize profits—but this also means increased risk. Find out how one customer streamlined and secured all their locations with Loomis SafePoint Titan®.

Retail, SafePoint, Technology, Customer Spotlight, Convenience Store, QSR
Five top benefits of cash recyclers

From automated, accurate counting to reduced idle cash and third-party fees, here are the top ways businesses benefit from a cash recycler system. 

Cash Management, Retail, SafePoint, Technology
Staying ahead of the cashless curve

Cashless stores are making headlines, but why all the buzz? From ethics to economics and more, here are some of the top factors to consider, including why having a robust cash-handling solution is still your best business strategy.

SafePoint, Cash Management, Retail
Security, tech, and more. Here’s what’s trending in cash management.

Rapidly developing technology, increased operating costs, and security threats—these realities all directly affect financial institutions and businesses that deal with high cash volumes. Operators looking to stay competitive are implementing trending solutions and tactics in their day-to-day processes.

SafePoint, Security, Technology, Financial, Retail, QSR
6 Huge Benefits of Effective Cash-Handling

Retail remains a cash-intensive industry, and a robust cash-handling process is key for operators determined to stay competitive. 

SafePoint, Cash Management, Retail, Convenience Store, QSR
Four ways retail businesses benefit from daily provisional credit

In this article, we’ll discuss what provisional credit is, as well as the key benefits for retailers who utilize daily provisional credit as part of their business operations.

SafePoint, Cash Management, Retail, QSR, Convenience Store
How to stop theft from taking a bite out of QSR profits

With multiple touch points in cash-handling processes, quick-service restaurant businesses are leaving themselves vulnerable to internal and external loss and theft. The right cash management solutions should help close the loop, reduce risk, and save money.

SafePoint, Cash Management, Retail, QSR
Renew your focus on in-store security in 2019

There are several basic steps every business owner can take to protect themselves and their operation from shoplifting, robbery, and internal theft.

Retail, SafePoint, Security
Customer Spotlight: Summit Truck Group Reduces Risk of Robbery and Theft with Titan C Program

With 33 locations serving 28 markets across eight states, Summit Truck Group is the largest international truck dealer in North America, and also represents Kenworth, Volvo, Mack, and Isuzu commercial trucks, as well as Crane Carrier specialty vehicles. 

Customer Spotlight, Cash Management, Retail, SafePoint
Why smart safe technology is a must-have for smart retailers

For retail operators, having more cash on hand comes with more responsibility. Effectively managing and processing that cash, especially if done manually, can create a lot of unnecessary stress for operators. More business owners are realizing that they’re putting a strain on valuable resources while still being unable to avoid the risks of shrinkage or inadequate security, and they’re looking for new cash-handling solutions to improve their bottom line.

Cash Management, SafePoint
Three tips to ensure your in-store cash handling procedures are ready for the holiday rush

You work hard to grow and manage your business, and the holiday season is an opportunity to increase profits even more in a short amount of time. But, with increased transactions and more cash in the mix, the risk for losses due to internal or external theft or staff error increases, especially if you haven’t made the switch to automated in-store cash handling. 

Cash Management, SafePoint, Retail
Guiding Your Clients to the Right Cash Management Solution

For commercial business clients who accept cash as a form of payment, the need for a more sophisticated approach to handling cash is paramount for maintaining profitability. Familiarizing yourself with what different services cash management providers are offering better positions you to help clients identify their points of need and improve their operations—and their bottom line.

Cash Management, Banking, Financial, SafePoint
Four ways businesses win with tech-driven cash management

Reliance on traditional cash-handling process can take a huge toll on business operations. Here are just a few of the ways a cohesive, modernized approach to cash management can help save time and money and turbocharge businesses.

SafePoint, Cash Management, Technology
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