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Travel and Visitor Restrictions in Place for Loomis US

Mar 13, 2020

While the immediate risk of being exposed to the COVID-19 virus remains low for the majority of people in the US, the virus continues to be a rapidly evolving situation.

To limit the impact and exposure to our teammates of the COVID-19 virus, Loomis US is now prohibiting all domestic and international air travel. Attendance at any conference or similar large gatherings is also strictly prohibited, regardless of the method of transportation. All teammates are encouraged to utilize web conferencing in place of in-person meetings.

In addition to the travel ban for Loomis teammates, we are also barring visitors to all Loomis US branches until further notice (not including those vital to operations).

All managers and supervisors will continue to reinforce with Loomis teammates the importance of good hygiene practices and social distancing, both at work and home.

As information develops that affects our company response to the COVID-19 virus, we will promptly update you. It is important to note that all Loomis business operations will continues as usual. For more information on COVID-19, please visit the Center for Disease Control website and the World Health Organization website.

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