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Loomis Implements iBox Technology to Deter Armored Car Robberies


The new addition deepens security features to protect guards, cash, and improve tracking

(HOUSTON, TX) — Loomis is introducing iBox, a proprietary cash-in-transit (CIT) technology, into its armored car division, advancing how the cash management leader secures customer cash and protects transportation guards across the country. Developed by Spinnaker, a UK-based company, iBox includes intelligent cash protections like passive ink degradation, programmable operating and access control, and real-time asset and vehicle monitoring, among others.

Loomis will debut iBox in the Houston area before continuing its rollout nationally.

Each iBox feature is intended to make armored car operations safer and less attractive to potential threats—both from outside thieves and internal theft—beginning with prominent messaging that states guards are unable to open iBox units.

In addition to preventing unauthorized access, each iBox can also detect, record, and respond to physical attacks by deploying security ink that eliminates cash value in seconds. And in the event a unit is stolen, installed GPS software enables Loomis users to identify and track missing units immediately and activate alarm mode.

The protection of the company’s employees is a critical priority for Loomis, says Randy Sheltra, EVP of Risk Management.

“We recognize the emerging risks associated with the cash-in-transit industry and, therefore, must react by implementing strategies that include technology to counter the threats,” he says. “The iBox technology complements our current risk strategies. As the leader in the CIT industry, Loomis consistently introduces strategies to minimize risks to our people and our customers.”

To date, iBox and other Spinnaker technology is used in more than 30 countries around the world.


Loomis Implements iBox Technology to Deter Armored Car Robberies

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