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Loomis U.S. Announces New Five-Year Partnership for Smart Safe Solutions with EG-US


Houston-based Loomis US and Westborough, MA–based EG-US have entered into a five-year services agreement for SafePoint cash automation solutions which will incude implementing a smart safe solution into each EG-US store location over the next 12 months.    

EG-US has grown to over 1,700 stores across the United States. Cumberland Farms, Turkey Hill, Kwik Shop, Loaf ‘N Jug, Tom Thumb, Quik Stop, Minit Mart, Fastrac, and Certified Oil are the convenience stores of EG America.  

EG Group Operations Director, Ahmed Kazi, notes,”We are pleased to be working with Loomis to streamline our cash-handling process in a way which is safe for both our employees and the business. The technology enables us to manage and track every step of the process, and once cash is deposited and validated in the SafePoint Titan® smart safe, we know it’s in safe hands.”

SafePoint Titan® smart safes offer the latest in secure hardware combined with proprietary Loomis software to streamline the in-store cash-handling process, secure deposits, and increase cash visibility for retail businesses that receive low to high cash volumes.  

”EG Group is a world class company with a great reputation as a global operator of succesfully run convenience stores and restaurant brands. We are extremely grateful to be selected as a EG-US partner to provide end-to-end cash automation solutions with the best service and implementation structure in the market today. We look forward to empowering strong EG-US growth for many years to come,”  says Lenny Evansek, SVP of SafePoint Business Development.  

For more information, contact Lenny Evansek at or 704-816-9602.  

EG America is one of the fastest growing convenience store retailers in the United States. In 2019 EG America established its new national headquarters in Westborough, MA. The parent company for EG America is EG Group, located in Blackburn, United Kingdom. EG Group is a leading petrol forecourt retail convenience operator who has established partnerships with global brands. The business has an established pedigree of delivering world class fuel, convenience and food service offer. EG Group currently employs over 55,000 colleagues working in circa 6,000 sites across Europe, USA and Australia. 

As the largest integrated cash distribution network in the United States—with nearly 200 locations, 9,000+ employees, and 3,000+ vehicles—Loomis is proud to provide cash-handling products and services to financial institutions and commercial/retail businesses nationwide.

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