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Loomis U.S. Welcomes Björn Züger as New President and Chief Executive Officer


HOUSTON (Oct. 5, 2022) – Loomis U.S. is proud to announce that Björn Züger has joined the team as the new President and Chief Executive Officer as of September 23, 2022. The addition of Züger will help Loomis U.S. achieve its goals of strategically aligning itself as a tech-focused industry leader and a top provider in cash management for financial institutions and retailers.

Prior to joining Loomis U.S., Züger served as the Country President of Loomis Switzerland and Regional Vice President for Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. He is a Swiss-born citizen and attended business schools in Switzerland that specialized in logistics and supply chain management. Züger has previously held various management positions within the VIA MAT Group in Europe and South America, which was later acquired by Loomis in 2014.

Züger is dedicated to leading Loomis U.S. into its next chapter with a strong focus on efficiency, quality, and excellence. He is passionate and committed to the training and development of Loomis team members to enable the continuation of the legacy career advancement that makes Loomis U.S. competitive and unique. His global perspective is instrumental for the future growth and diversification of cash management opportunities while maintaining a strong focus on sustainability.

“I am honored and excited to join Loomis U.S.,” says Björn Züger, President and Chief Executive Officer of Loomis U.S. “I look forward to working alongside our customers and the U.S. team by continuing our commitment to excellence and the Loomis values, as well as driving our position as a tech-focused cash management industry leader.”

Learn more about the Loomis U.S. management team here.

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